Homemade Red Sangria $8. Glass

Zuppa Di Giorno: $10.00
Lentils slowly simmered in a hearty vegetable broth drizzled
with extra virgin olive oil topped with parmigiano
reggiano cheese served with bruschetta bread.

Angelina’s Famous Stuffed Artichoke: $14.00
Steamed artichoke stuffed with seasoned breadcrumbs
served with garlic and oil or in a pesto cream sauce.
Suggested Wine: Chianti $8.

Asparagi Gratinati $14.00
Fresh California asparagus wrapped in prosciutto then baked with garlic, shallots and butter finished with breadcrumbs on a bed of roasted peppers.
Suggested Wine: Pinot Noir $10.

Risotto Del Bosco: $24.00
A delightful risotto dish consisting of sautéed chicken filets, forest mushrooms, scallions and peas in a brown wine sauce
slowly simmered with Italian Arborio rice.
Suggested Wine: Malbec $9.

Pasta Bandiera: $24.00
Homemade tomato, spinach and egg capellini pasta sautéed with pancetta, rock shrimp, grilled julienne vegetables and diced tomatoes in garlic
and extra virgin olive oil finished with fresh mozzarella.
Suggested Wine: Pinot Grigio $8.

(If you have food allergies, Please speak to the owner, manager, chef or your server)

Pollo Alla Toscana: $24.00
Organic chicken medallions pan seared with shallots topped
with spinach and fresh smoked mozzarella baked in a pink
tomato sauce served over spinach fettucine pasta.
Suggested Wine: Sangiovese $9.

Osso Bucco D’Agnello: $32.00
American spring lamb shank braised with fresh herbs, simmered
in a rich red wine sauce complemented by tri color beans.
Suggested Wine: Montepulciano $9.

Salmon Pistachio: $28.00
Norwegian salmon filets encrusted with grated pistachios pan
seared and baked served over a warm cranberry sauce and
accompanied by mesclun and golden grape tomatoes.
Suggested Wine: Riesling $8.

Chef Alfredo’s Zuppa Di Pesce: $34.00
A delightful combination of seafood consisting of calamari, jumbo and rock shrimp, sea scallops sautéed with little neck clams and PEI mussels
in a Fra’ diavolo sauce complemented by red snapper filets over linguini.
(Available also Marinara style upon request)
Suggested Wine: Coppola Chardonnay $9.

Aragosta Fra’Daivolo: $44.00
Twin 6 oz. lobster tails sautéed with little neck clams and PEI
mussels in a Fra’ diavolo sauce served over linguine pasta.
Suggested Wine: Sauvignon Blanc $8.

From The Grill:
Centro Filetto Di Bue: $34.00
Hand cut natural grass-fed New York shell steak grilled to perfection accompanied by sautéed spinach and sliced fried potatoes.
Suggested Wine: Barolo $15.